Remembering Leland Shoemake: The Young Boy He Made Us All Cry With the Letter His Parents Found After His Passing

When talking about the parent-child relationship, everyone experiences very special emotions. This mother discovered a letter that her 6-year-old son had left her after he changed his life. This note touched everyone’s hearts. Leland Shoemake died in 2015 due to an amoebic infection.

His mother Amber decided to share this letter on Facebook saying “He is the most beautiful gift I have received in my life.” The 6-year-old boy died in 2015. “He is my world, he made me a mother.” His mother decided to write about the things her son liked.

Amber also mentioned some of the memories she had of her beloved son. “He liked ships and history. Leland was always watching documentaries about wars, technological inventions, etc. His favorite actor was Adam Sandler.”

“Leland was a special child who won the hearts of all of us. He loved his father and brother very much. We were very happy when he smiled and played. He was the center of our family and was the highlight of our days.” Amber wrote that she found the note her son had left and was touched.

Their son was everything to them and had a long life to live, but unfortunately, he passed away from a deadly disease. He was hospitalized for two weeks and his parents saw that his condition was worsening. His parents decided to open a GoFundMe to provide the necessary medical services that their son needed.

Although they managed to raise enough money for Leland’s treatment, he could not survive. “Our son was a wonderful boy and we wanted him to win this fight.” His mother thanked the 6-year-old son for the inspiration he gave her. For Amber, her son was an example of a strong and loving person who spread positivity.

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