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He Went To The Hospital Since He Had A Headache For A Few Days

Luis Ortiz started having sudden pain and headache, so the whole family was worried. In the hospital, the doctors found a living parasite in his brain, and he was immediately sent to the hospital. The healing period will last a little longer for him, but the important thing is that this parasite was caught in time.

Luis had gone to visit his mother in Napa, California a few days after starting his senior year.
The headaches became unbearable and his mother decided to immediately call 911 and send her son to the hospital. After he went to the hospital, the doctors immediately performed the necessary head scans and discovered that there was a living parasite in his brain.


The doctors informed him that he had a live tapeworm in his brain. After this news, he gave you another shocking news. The doctors informed him that he would have only 30 minutes to live because the damage had progressed.

After all that headache, he underwent several brain scans, from which the doctors realized that the tapeworm had developed into a cyst.

This cyst had damaged his brain because it did not allow blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain. This scared Luis a lot and he immediately decided to have an operation.

He was still amazed at how something like this had happened. Luis did not understand how the worms had managed to enter his brain. But the doctors told him that they may have entered more opportunities from the consumption of pork.

Luis said that he didn’t remember if he had done something like that recently. He also said that he had not had these headaches before. Doctors and experts have proven that the consumption of raw meat, especially pork, can lead to the entry of tapeworm into the body.

Raw meat contains many parasites and microorganisms. Most people are infected by these larvae and can transmit them to others through poor hygiene and sewage. The death toll from this parasite keeps getting higher and higher in the US.

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