Time Has Passed Over Her As Well

60-year-old American actress Heather Locklear was spotted in Calabasas, California walking her dog. She made a rare appearance by dressing in flip-flops, pants, and a white t-shirt.

Locklear appeared happy in the picture with her Maltese dog, Mister. She had a very difficult time after being detained on domestic abuse charges.

The actress received 30 days at a rehab center after entering a no-contest plea to severe assault charges. The deputy district attorney, claims that her driving capacity may have been compromised by the use of antidepressants and anxiety medications. Now she is in her third year of sobriety.

The actress debuted in 1980 in a CHiPs episode, and later she became Sammy Jo Carrington in the Dynasty cast.

Her engagement ring hasn’t been spotted, and rumors are fueling that she is no longer with Chris Heisser. She got four consecutive Golden Globes nominations.

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