This Is What Rachel Ward, Who Played Meggie Cleary In “The Thorn Birds,” Looks Like Today

Rachel Ward began her journey toward cinematography many decades ago, but at first, she was a well-known model who worked with many fashion companies and appeared on magazine covers. She had an excellent modeling career when she appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s & Queen magazines.

Then she began to shine in Hollywood, in her first film, Christmas Lilies of the Field. Although she did not have a very important role, the directors noticed her talent. She began to participate in various films and series.

Ward has taken important roles with well-known actors such as Richard Chamberlain. Ward says that in her first major role, she had to look like an older woman. So the directors told her that she should look older. She says that at first, this was a strange experience. At the same time, she used men’s clothes, which she liked.

For him, the audition for this role was easy. She remembers that in the early days, she had a good sense of humor and did not take this job seriously. Of course, no one could deny that the model was a very beautiful girl.

The miniseries The Thorn Birds was rated as one of the best miniseries and has won four Golden Globes and six Emmy awards. Ward was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Outstanding Performance in a Series. Even though it looks so easy, the actress says that at first she was afraid and was criticized a lot for her role.

Ward also tells more about her love story when she and Bryan Brown met and fell in love. They are together with each other and are needed like the first day. Ward became a grandmother in 2019 and has never given up acting.

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