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This Is The Actual Story Of How Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Got To Be Friends

The friendship of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart has always attracted the interest of their fans and the media. Martha is known for the television programs she directs. Although the pair has a significant age difference, their friendship is strong and this has inspired them for a new television program.

Snoop Dogg

Martha is a well-known woman in the world of television. She lived in a big family and at the age of 13, she started modeling. Everything started with her participation in various television shows or commercials. Martha says that her family was her biggest support for her. But her career did not end with modeling. Without a certain time, she works in a company only with men.

Later she got married and gave birth to her daughter. In 1990, she separated and decided to spend more time with her daughter. The girl’s relationship with Martha was very strong and they supported each other for a long time.

Years later Martha began to pay attention to cooking with Snoop Dogg and became famous for this.

Martha published cookbooks and magazines that were liked and bought by many ladies. She also started directing a television program.

Snoop Dogg

But another experience seems to have started in her life when she started to build a relationship with the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. Today Martha is 80 years old, while the rapper is 50 years old. They both love each other very much.

Snoop Dogg

Their recognition was simple but amazing. The rapper was invited to Martha’s cooking show. After cooking together, they both realized that they could communicate very well with each other.

Snoop Dogg

They felt very good with each other and very quickly won the hearts of the public. Afterward, the duo took part in many events together. In 2016, they opened a joint culinary show.

Snoop Dogg

They were even nominated for an Emmy Award because of their chemistry and presentation skills on the show. They are close friends and are not in a romantic relationship. Both affirm this.

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