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For Twenty Years, This Girl Has Not Had Her Hair Cut

We can all agree that hair is an important part of a woman’s life. Some women prefer to have short hair, some long, some straight, some curly.

While some others decide not to cut their hair and this is the case of the young girl from Riga. She has decided not to cut her hair for more than 20 years and this is the result you see. Her hair is very long, it can even touch the ground.

Nasroya is ready to break the record for the longest hair in the world. She had decided not to cut her hair for more than 20 years. To do something like that takes a lot of courage and patience.

Her hair weighs 4.5 lbs and is 8 feet long. But the reason she decided not to cut her hair is not related to breaking the record. It all started when she was little and was watching a cartoon. Of course, you can guess that it is related to Rapunzel.

She wanted to be like Rapunzel. So she was careful not to cut her hair. We can say that her hair is healthy and strong. But she took great care of her hair to achieve these results.

Nasroya explains that washing and combing her hair takes a lot of time. She should consume 2 liters of shampoo for each hair wash.

Also, she has to spend more than 4 hours washing them. Below you will find some photos of her.

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