The Royal Family Has Real Issues Now

After the death of the Queen, King Charles III came to the throne. His coming to the throne has certainly caused many discussions and it is said that the kingdom and the royal family will undergo many changes in the following days.

King Charles has begun to implement his reforms, which are being talked about in the media recently. Also in the spotlight is the wife of King Charles III, Consort Camilla. The king married her in 2005 and at that time they were in love.

In this new task of the king, Camilla will be his biggest support. However, the public has not always been satisfied with their relationship. Many people criticized the couple and did not like this relationship.

But their relationship of several years proves the understanding in their family. Everyone can say that the Queen is King Charles’ biggest support. She always advises him before he takes bigger steps.

According to inside sources, the King now consults on almost everything with Camilla and is very calm when making decisions about the royal family.

It wasn’t like that before. It is said that he has found in Camilla the peace he lacks. Their connection and acquaintance began in 1970. Their romance died out for some time due to Charles’ commitments.

After that, their relationship changed and everyone went their own way. They have tried hard to preserve the romance between them even when Princess Diana was alive. Camilla and Charles made their public appearance a few years later.

She has her job and has finished her higher studies as she always dreamed of. Recently, attention has returned to Camilla and Charles. Like any family, there may have been misunderstandings between them. However, they reflected a happy and unique family.

But recently some other news is circulating. No one has talked about it yet, but it is said that Charles is meeting with his lawyer who helped him divorce Princess Diana. Inside the royal palace, some conflicts may have started between Camilla and Charles, even though the attention was elsewhere.

According to sources, Charles and his wife recently signed divorce papers and have not had much contact with each other.

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