The Guests Noticed Something At The Bride’s Feet As They Were Dancing After They Got Married

At the young couple’s wedding, something unexpected happened when they were dancing. The bride and the groom from the West Midlands had arranged their long-awaited wedding. Dannie during this period was 36 weeks pregnant and was just waiting for her baby to come to life.

But something unexpected happened while they were dancing. This was also noticed by Dannie’s mother who immediately helped the couple. According to the calculations, the couple was convinced that their daughter would be born in January.


But apparently, a small change has happened. Dannie and her husband had decided to have their wedding on December 18. This was a certain date that, according to them, the child would not be born. But during the couple’s dance, the bride’s water breaks.

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They immediately went to the hospital and the next day, their beautiful daughter was born. Dannie is very happy about this beautiful occasion. Their daughter wanted to come into this world when her mother and father were dancing on their wedding day.


Everyone was surprised and happy at the same time. This would be the most beautiful moment of their wedding. The bride describes her experience as extraordinary.

She says that during the dance she felt something running down her leg. Then she went to her mother who helped her. She immediately went to the bathroom, followed by her mother and many wedding guests.

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They immediately called the ambulance and Dannie was sent to the hospital. The young couple was very happy with this beautiful surprise. Jasmine made the most important day of her life even more beautiful. Their wedding wasn’t over yet when Dannie’s water broke.


Her birth was not easy but it was beautiful. She gave birth to a very beautiful and sweet baby. Now everyone knew that the young couple had been blessed with a daughter on their wedding day.

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