Tammy Slaton, The Star Of 1000-Lb Sisters, Claims To Have Found Her Soulmate

Tammy Slaton has spoken more about her love life. She has found her soulmate. Tammy used to be in a relationship with Philip but their relationship ended. She talked more about the relationship with Tammy and admitted that she was the one who ended the relationship.

According to Tammy’s last interview, the reason for the breakup was that he could not manage her anxieties. Philip is also known as “BBW King”. According to Tammy, after their relationship ended, she had to deal with Philip every day because he wouldn’t stop calling.

Their divorce surprised fans because they thought there was love between them. However, not everyone shared the same opinion. Many of Tammy’s fans thought he was using her fame. That’s why many fans congratulated Tammy for this choice and support her.

According to the interview in TvShowsAce, BBW King wanted to start a romance on Tik Tok. After breaking up with Philip, Tammy met Caleb and was happy. Their relationship was very beautiful for her and the TLC star has said that this is her true love. Like every relationship, this one also has its difficulties, but they try to manage them properly.

Before Caleb, she was linked to Joshua Douglas but their relationship didn’t last long. Tammy has not had a peaceful love relationship and has often tried to choose the ideal partner. She has also been in a relationship with Jerry Sykes. But this was not a good idea at all because he had seven children and was a married man.

She has found her love and he is Caleb. They met in a rehabilitation center and got married together. They have helped each other in difficult moments and are very satisfied with their relationship.

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