He Is Now Paying Dearly For His Smack. Will Smith Is Currently Dealing With The Following Issues

The Oscar incident greatly influenced the projects and the professional life of the well-known actor Wil Smith. Recently, many projects have been postponed and some others have been canceled.

Although the actor was part of Will’s Roku, he did not receive requests to be in the second season. That slap cost the actor a lot. Another important project has been canceled. We are talking about the movie on Netflix, Fast and Loose.

However, the directors of the film stated that this had nothing to do with the incident that happened during the Oscar awards. Also, the big company Sony does not support him with the collaboration with Bad Boys 4.

The actor is going through a very difficult professional period because many projects and collaborations are being canceled.

The Academy has also banned Will Smith from participating in important events for the next ten years. After the event, which made a lot of noise in all the world’s media, the Academy expressed its displeasure to the presenters and guests. The Academy has affirmed that it will take measures so that such incidents do not happen again.

Will Smith has apologized and resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is aware that he could avoid this situation and for that he feels bad. He wants to take responsibility for his actions.

The actor has been evaluated several times with important awards. But this time at the Oscar award ceremony, the slapping incident affected him a lot. He requested that the Academy follow the appropriate disciplinary measures for this case. In his statement, he resigns from the Academy.

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