School Bus Driver Doesn’t Think Photo Of Her Holding Boy’s Hand Is A Big Deal Until Police See It

It is a stressful situation to be separated from your children. When they start school, they begin a new chapter in their life. Children also have it difficult to adapt to the new life and routine when they start school for the first time. Some of them may experience unease or may cry in their new environment. Others just do not have any desire to be a part of their mother and so on.

Axel was very excited to start school. His mother took a picture of him with a smile while he was waiting for his school bus. But things won’t go his way after the bus arrived. As his mother would have to be separated from him to go to her work.

When the bus arrived, he was about to cry. Alex was very sad to be separated from his mother. He understood that he was going to be without his mother for the rest of the day.

The bus driver noticed that he was sad and helped him.

Took him on the seat behind her and hold his hand. He was crying for his mother, but the driver gave him a little comfort and helped him to cope with this on his first school day.

The mother took a picture and posted it on Facebook. The post went viral and even the local police department shared it. His mother was touched by the driver’s gesture and wanted to record that moment.

Her little boy was very happy to embark on a new adventure and make new friends. There is no doubt that the photo went viral. Is such a beautiful moment where people try to be nice to others, especially to children.

He is looking forward to meeting the bus driver every day and talking with her. Now Alex is very happy to go to school and be with his friends.

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