After Seeing The Wedding Photos, Their Lives Have Never Been The Same

Emma and Justin Cotillard got married after dating for several years. But after the wedding, their life changed. Emma was 33 years old while Justin was 29 years old. They were very happy that they would live together and had made beautiful plans for their lives and their honeymoon.

But everything changed very quickly. They did not enjoy their marriage and everything went wrong. Shortly after the wedding, they started fighting. Justin and Emma had a disagreement and Justin started insulting Emma and kicked her out of the house.

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Although he regretted his behavior, this had a great impact on the emotional state of Emma, who was pregnant. Emma’s arguments and reactions were immediate. This happened because of the emotions and hormones that accompany the woman during pregnancy.

After the complicated situation, they decide to postpone their honeymoon vacation. During this period Justin began to feel bad and after visiting the doctor it was discovered that he had a brain tumor that would take his life. The doctors said that he did not have much time to live and that his condition was critical.

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This made them both very sad because they loved each other very much. cancer would progress very quickly and this affected his health. Justin was admitted to the hospital when Mia, his daughter came to life. He could not spend much time with his baby.

Medical treatments

Medical treatments required a lot of patience and a long time. According to the doctors, there was no hope and he should spend the last days of his life with his family. He stayed at home with his wife and daughter for two weeks and then changed his life.

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These were the saddest moments for Emma. She said that she had red spots that didn’t go on her husband’s face, while she was looking at their wedding photos.

The change in his face was related to the presence of a brain tumor. She tells everyone to have a good time with their family and support their loved ones in such difficult times.

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