All Of The Girlfriend’s Friends Teased Her About How Fat She Was, Yet He Stuck By Her Until The Very End

Overweight girlfriends sometimes are bullied by their own boyfriends. But as we all agree there are men that are faithful to their girlfriends even of their weight.

Obesity all around the world is taking its scales. Studies have shown that almost 40% of adults and 19% of children suffer from obesity and according to the studies, this is the highest rate that has ever been recorded.

It is scary sometimes to think that at some point you will need help to walk on your own.

But when there is love anything is possible. We are about to talk to a couple who made vows to each other and were careful to stay on the path that they had set out on.

Love is never expected and it may happen when you do not wait for it even more when you are in college. No explication. You just feel it.

Holly and John were living their life as a couple when she went for a check-up routine. She made tests and her results showed that she suffered from a thyroid ailment that causes gain weight without her control.

After a little time, she had gained another half of the initial weight which caused 50 kg more. As we all understood this was a medical problem.

And what do you think the boy’s friend said to him? Of course, not to stay with the girl but to break up with him. She was not as attractive as she was before and it was pointless to lose time with her.

The boy was so out of his mind about what people around him told him. He guaranteed her that he would never leave her side. After a time she gained more weight and started having heart problems.

Later she lost her life and he discovered a note from her. She was so happy that he showed her love, loyalty, and respect and was grateful for the memories she had with him.

The girl had left him $ 10.000 in cash. She wanted him to keep living and be happy. It is so heart-breaking that people in this time still judge other people’s weight or look. What should really be valued is love, respect, loyalty, and altruism.
A heart-warming story, right?

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