Randy Travis Bids Farewell to Beloved Friend in Emotional Facebook Post

Country music star Randy Travis took to Facebook on July 10 to share his heartfelt condolences and bid farewell to his beloved friend and former stagehand, Thomas Roberts. Travis confirmed the tragic news of Roberts’ passing and expressed the profound impact he had on their lives.

In his emotional Facebook post, Travis described Roberts as one of the industry’s finest stage lighting technicians and a cherished member of the Randy Travis band and crew. He spoke of Roberts’ subtle yet captivating presence and his remarkable ability to light up the stage. Travis praised his friend’s willingness to help, always exhibiting a positive and eager attitude.

Describing Roberts as a gentle giant, Travis highlighted his constant smile and the song that seemed to reside in his heart. He expressed admiration for Roberts’ kindness and gentle demeanor, which would be difficult to find elsewhere.

Travis shared his personal connection to Roberts, emphasizing their friendship and the love he had for him. As Travis and his team prepared to embark on the “More Life” tour, he acknowledged that the music would not be as wonderful without Roberts. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for the privilege of having Roberts by their side, creating countless memories throughout the miles they traveled together.

While acknowledging the void left by Roberts’ absence, Travis assured that the light he brought into their hearts would never fade or be forgotten. He imagined seeing glimpses of Roberts’ handiwork in the night sky, serving as a reminder that he was now at peace and watching over them.

Tragically, reports indicated that Roberts, 68 years old, had been shot and killed. His wife, Christine Ann Roberts, 72, was arrested and claimed to have shot him due to alleged infidelity. However, the veracity of these statements remained uncertain. A neighbor, alarmed by the gunshots, called emergency services upon finding Roberts lying on the floor. Despite their efforts, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas Roberts had dedicated 20 years of his life as a stagehand for Randy Travis until Travis suffered a stroke in 2013, ending their professional collaboration. Now, Travis and his team, alongside countless fans and friends, mourned the loss of a dear friend who had left an indelible mark on their lives and the stage they shared.

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