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Prince Harry Is Furious Regarding To The Royal Family’s Choice

After the death of the Queen, the royal family gathered to honor her name. They lose a dear and very important person from their life.

Prince William also gave his speech, which touched everyone. The Prince of Wells looked very sad as he spoke about the Queen’s death.

During the ceremony, Prince Harry was forbidden to wear the full military uniform. This news was quickly spread in the media, and Prince Harry decided to react to the latest allegations made about this matter. According to royal laws, Prince Harry is not considered a member of the royal family.

This happens because of his resignation and relocation to California. Any person who is not considered a member of the royal family is not allowed to wear a military uniform.

The same thing happened with Prince Harry and your uncle. He was estranged from the royal family after numerous accusations of a relationship with imprisoned child molesters. This pushed him to leave the royal family.

While Prince Harry’s departure is linked to his marriage to Meghan Markle. He wanted to live happily with his family and so decided to move to California with his wife and children.

Unlike Prince Harry, other members of the royal family wear military uniforms during the ceremony. This is done to honor the Queen. This ceremony will take place in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. During this ceremony, Prince Andrew will wear his military uniform.

While Prince Harry was not allowed something like that. He appeared during the ceremony in honor of the queen in a simple suit. Buckingham Palace has also accepted this.

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