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Princess Diana, Rare Images Of The Most Photographed Person On Earth

Princess Diana is one of the most precious figures of all time. She is a strong woman who set a positive example with her energy. After her death, many photographs of the princess were lost and some others were never found.

Among the most special photos of the princess are the ones she took near the royal family and in her free time. Her photos show a lot about the special character of the princess.

Princess Diana

She gained the attention of the whole world during the period when she was a princess. Princess Diana can even be qualified as one of the most photographed people in the world. She was a loving and very educated woman.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana was close to the people and was an empathetic woman. Therefore, the people of Great Britain loved the princess very much. Some of her most iconic photos were her wedding photos with Prince Charles.

Princess Diana

Also, her white wedding dress still attracts attention and is considered one of the most famous dresses in the world.

Princess Diana died prematurely due to the tragic accident.

Princess Diana

During her wedding, many photos were taken and many of them today remains one of the most important memories of the princess. Her wedding ring was also very special.

She was very excited on the wedding day. After the wedding, they organized a private party in which only the royal family and important guests took part.

Charles and Diana spent time together and they were also photographed on their honeymoon. Diana spent time participating in various activities. She loved children very much and liked to make them happy.

Princess Diana

She was a natural woman and always lived in the moment. In addition, she liked to play golf, go to the beach or run. Princess Diana is also known for her stylish clothing.

Some of its combinations are back in fashion even today. These pictures show more of her character and humor. But there are many more pictures waiting to be discovered.

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