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Prince William’s Moving Message

After the death of the Queen, the royal family gathered to honor her name. They lose a dear and very important person from their life. Prince William also gave his speech, which touched everyone. The Prince of Wells looked very sad as he spoke about the Queen’s death.

In his speech, he adds “The world lost an extraordinary leader whose loyalty to the nation, the kingdoms, and the Commonwealth was true”. This was an important moment in the history of England and world history.

Prince William in his speech expressed his gratitude for his grandmother’s hard work. He declares that the Queen has taught him many things about life.

Prince William

He also thanks the Queen for the help and care she has shown to his family. In his speech, he says that his children loved the Queen very much. This event has hurt everyone. The royal family is affected by the death of a strong and loyal woman.

Prince William adds that he still can’t believe that something like that happened. This will be one of the most difficult moments in life.

In his letter, Prince William thanked her for the example she set for the family and society.

She gained the respect of the whole world. He did not spare good and grateful words for his grandmother during his speech.

Prince William's message

But in this speech, he did not leave without saying a few sentences about his father. The prince says that he will stay close to his father and help him in everything necessary.

In addition, Charles also declared that his son William will be the heir to the kingdom. “He will be an inspiration for our country”. Prince William has been announced as the new Prince of Wells. Also, his wife is the Young Princess of Wells after Lady Diana.

Prince William's message

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