Days Before Her Passing, People Began to Speculate About the Bruising on Queen Elizabeth’s Hands

The actions and photos of the queen always attracted the attention of the public. In one of the last photos of Queen Elizabeth II, people say that something attracts attention more than other elements in the photo. You have to look at the Queen Elizabeth’s hands

This photo that attracted attention was taken on September 6. Later on September 8, the Queen changed her life. Many people noticed that the queen’s health had deteriorated. In the photo taken just two days before the queen’s death, her hands were bruised.

Some people have started to speculate about this event.

In the picture, you can see Queen Elizabeth’s hands that are bleached.

In the picture taken on September 6, the Queen was in a meeting with the leader of the Conservative Party, Liz Truss.

She would become prime minister, but the queen could not take part in the ceremony that would take place. She had health problems and could not move. Usually, old people face bruised hands, and everyone may have noticed it.

Dr. John Torres explains that bruising occurs during aging because connective tissue becomes more fragile during this period of life. He told for “Today Show” that this happened because of senile purpura.

Queen Elizabeth’s hands

This usually happens in the front part of the hand. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause whitening or bruising of the hands in this part of the body. The hands are exposed to the sun’s radiation and for this reason, are unprotected.

That was enough for people to start speculating about the health condition of Queen Elizabeth II. Recently, she has been photographed riding and walking her dogs. Her death saddened the whole world, but more so the royal family. Her funeral will be scheduled for September 19.

Queen Elizabeth’s hands

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