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Prince George Advised His Classmates To Be Cautious Because His Father Will Be The King

The royal family was affected by the queen’s death. Everything has changed in the royal palace, starting from the rules of management and up to the relations within the family. But the news surprised everyone. This may seem strange and interesting at the same time. We are talking about the 9-year-old boy George, the son of Prince William and Princess Kate.

During the queen’s burial ceremony, the entire royal family took part, except for the youngest children. Now that some time has passed, the children have returned to normal life and continued school.

The little prince is one of the heirs to the throne. He has lived in the royal palace for 9 years and is familiar with the work and responsibilities that the royal family can have.

But apparently, he is also familiar with the status privileges that royal duties can give. He is a resourceful boy, who learns and is very smart. He recently said something that made many people think about Prince George’s point of view. Some think that he has started to feel that now, that one day, he and his father may have more responsibility than others in the family. He has also made this visible outside his house.

According to sources, George had a problem at school and he warned his classmates to be careful. This is the reason why. He has understood that he will be the heir to the throne. Prince George was present at his grandmother’s funeral. He and his sister Princess Charlotte were part of the ceremony and seemed touched during this moment.

Kate and William have always taken care of the family and the education of the children. In a video captured by the cameras, Princess Charlotte can be seen teaching George during the funeral ceremony. She looks like she’s telling him “You have to bend over”.

The children of the royal family go to school like all other children. The fact that they have royal titles does not distinguish them from others. They love school and attend one of the best schools in Great Britain. The school has a swimming pool, places to play, chickens, bees, etc. This clearly shows that they are studying in a good school.

Recently, Prince George received the attention of the media because of his words. He had warned his classmates to be careful. Prince George has many good friends, but something seems not good for the little prince. He had told his classmates to be careful because his father is the heir to the throne. This clearly explains that George knows the importance of this position.

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