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Veterinarian Teaches The Correct Way To Bathe Shih Tzu At Home

How to give SHIH-TZU a safe bath? Specific products for the dog prevent the pet from presenting unpleasant smells, tangled hair and skin irritations

The puppy’s bath, as well as food, toys and clothes, needs special attention from the tutor. This is because the animal has different needs than humans and, therefore, it is ideal to buy specific products to meet the pet’s demands.

When these specifics are not taken into account and the owner chooses to bathe the animal with any product, the puppy may show unusual symptoms, triggered by possible allergies.

Among the possible signs of allergic reactions, veterinarian Bárbara Haro, from the website Meu Cão Velhinho, lists some. “Allergic dogs scratch a lot, and they can have hair gaps that were caused by the dog itself when scratching.

They can get ear infections (ear infections), watery eyes, and they can obsessively lick and bite their own paws.”
How to give SHIH-TZU a safe bath.

For this reason, it is necessary to pay close attention to the choice of products used in the bath of SHIH-TZU, especially when referring to the use of human cosmetics. According to veterinarian Aline Ramires Pedrosa, responsible for Petbrilho, in an interview with the Mais Bichos Blog, from the Correio Braziliense website, this practice is very harmful to SHIH-TZU because, in addition to possible allergies, there are other negative reactions in the pet’s body.

Consequences of using human products in a dog during bathing

“SHIH-TZU have a skin with a constitution and pH different from human skin. Therefore, the specific hygiene products for SHIH-TZU were developed to respect these characteristics, in addition to having a balanced and tested formulation, which guarantees the cleaning and hydration of the skin and fur”, explains Aline.

Thus, when the owner buys specific products for the SHIH-TZU, he is also preventing the pet from presenting unpleasant smells, tangled hair or even skin irritations. In addition, SHIH-TZU can present respiratory problems, due to the intense perfume present in the compositions of human products. According to Bárbara, because of this characteristic, the furry can develop asthma attacks and even anaphylactic shocks.

How to give SHIH-TZU a safe bath?
Therefore, the best way to take care of the health and aesthetics of the pet is to try to use only specific products for this species at bath time, respecting the individuality of each puppy. “It is necessary to make use of products formulated specifically for use in pets, with differentiated pH.

When choosing, you can take into account the type of coat of the SHIH-TZU, from the color to the length of the coat, as well as the type of skin – oily, dry, normal, sensitive”, warns the veterinarian.

Still taking into account the information from the Petbrilho specialist, the tutor needs to be aware of the characteristics of the SHIH-TZU and thus buy the correct product but, if necessary, seek help from the veterinarian.

For example, SHIH-TZU with dark hair tend to lose their shine more easily, so they need a shampoo or conditioner that guarantees more hydration.

Unlike those with oily skin and fur, the best alternative is products with greater cleaning power.

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