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A Lady Who Was Given Barely Three Months To Live

Many people when they die want to take from this world the most important or the most valuable things. Some want to receive their treasures, some letters from family, luxurious clothes or vases, jewelry, etc. You won’t believe what this lady asked for before she died.

It may seem like something worthless to us, but it was something important to him. The fact that she chose to be buried with a fork in her right hand did not convince the priest either. At first, he refused to do something like that.

Later the woman told him the real reason for this decision she had made and the priest received her with understanding. He finally agreed. The woman had three months to live according to the doctors and she had one last wish. She wanted to be buried with a fork in her right hand. Although you may not believe it, people are very different and their requests are also diverse.

To judge the woman’s opinion, we must first know the reason for this request. The woman was old and suffering from a deadly disease. After spending a lot of time in hospitals, the doctors gave her three months of hope to live.


Before she died, she talked to the priest and told him this wish.

She also talked about other things that would be done at the funeral, such as the songs that would be played, clothes, how she wanted to dress, etc.

After she told the priest about the fork, he was shocked and didn’t know what to say. It had never happened to him before that someone asked something like that. But the woman was not afraid at all of this reaction because she expected it. Her motive was interesting but touching. It all started with the expression that the waiter used after taking the plates, “Hold the fork”.

She liked sweets, and for that reason, she was excited that the best dish was coming. This made her think that something better would come. For this, she took the example of holding a fork. The priest was moved and touched by this story. He reluctantly accepted the woman’s request.

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