Pilot Faces Investigation After Customer Snaps Photo Of His ‘Offensive’ Sticker, Shares It Online

Dana Finley Morrison reacted after seeing the slogan carried by the pilot of the plane with which he was going to fly to Miami. It was clear that this slogan did not sit well with many of the passengers who noticed it, as did Dana. The slogan read an anti-Biden call. Everyone understood this and wanted to react. But Morrison did not lose the opportunity and decided to complain to American Airlines.

She writes that a pilot of this airline company used this disgusting sign that incites hatred. She said that not only she but many other passengers noticed this sign. American Airlines reacted immediately after this message and said that they will deal with this issue. Of course, American Airlines said that it would not allow this case to be repeated.
According to the regulation, employees can wear badges, but they must be approved by the airline.

While pilots can wear three badges. The action of this pilot worried the passengers, so American Airline promised to take measures. This action did not bring conflict only from the passengers who were on the plane. The sign that the pilot had set, aroused discontent on social media.

We remind you that in 2020, the staff of this airline company placed pins related to the call Black Lives Matter. Many staff members wanted to place these pins. However, not everyone welcomes this campaign.

The Americans also reflected this on social media. The passengers say that they did not want the employees to show their political beliefs during the flights.

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