Mother Feels Something Between Her Legs While Driving, Stunned By What ‘Slid Out’

Not infrequently, women are forced to give birth immediately because the pains are very strong and they do not manage to go to the hospital in time. This is the story of a pregnant woman from Pennsylvania. She was 29 weeks pregnant and started to feel a lot of pain. Many women experience Braxton Hicks contractions and Raelin thought she was experiencing them too.

She noticed that the pain was getting stronger and more intense, so she and her fiance got ready for the hospital. Ean rushed to get the car and Raelin says that he was afraid to get in the car because of the pain. The hospital was not far from the couple’s house, so they hoped that everything would be done in time. The pain increased even more on the way to the hospital and the couple did not understand what was happening.

Due to their poor condition and the traffic, Raelin’s fiance entered the wrong lane hoping that no speeding bus would come. But both felt that the time for the baby’s birth had come. Raelin said she felt the baby trying to come out of the birth canal and during this period she lowered her pants and reached out her hands. “As soon as I pushed it once, the baby slipped out and was still in the sac.”

The couple arrived at the hospital seven minutes later and doctors rushed to give them their help. Two young people have saved a wonderful photo from this moment. Doctors are surprised that Raelin managed to give birth in difficult conditions and she managed to do it alone. The child was very healthy and had not suffered any damage during birth.

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