People Are Praying For Chuck Norris After His Heartbreaking Statement

Chuck Norris is a famous black belt holder. He served in the Air Force of the United States. Later, Chuck found his discipline and it is named Chun Kuk Do. 

But what about Chuck Norris, the actor? After finding fame in Hollywood, why did he leave such a lucrative job? Well, we now have an answer to that question.

Chuck is also a famous actor. He has collaborated with other famous actors like Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

In the year 1998, Chuck married Gena O’Kelly. She was a model and they had twins. Before Gena, he was married to Dianne Kay for 30 years.

Diane and Norris were very young. They were classmates and were 18 and 17 respectively. Their first kid was born in 1962.

In 1963 Chuck had an affair and a child was born because of it. He got to meet his daughter for the first time after 26 years after her birth. She is Dina DiCiolli.

Chuck met Dina for the first time and said he did not need a DNA test to prove that she was his daughter. It felt as if they had always known each other.

His daughter, Dina is 26 years old. She is married and has brought to life 3 children. 

Chuck Norris’ wife, Gena underwent MRI scans to monitor rheumatoid arthritis and was injected with dyes to see better the extent of her illness.

She was injected with gadolinium, a heavy metal, three times in a span of a week, and they believe this resulted in Gena’s health deteriorating.

Now they have dedicated their lives to spreading awareness about gadolinium poisoning. Norris said in a statement: ‘I have given up my career to concentrate on Gena and my life is keeping her alive.’

Chuck Norris had to put his career on wait to be there for his wife. He said: Right now, my entire life is focused on keeping my wife alive. I gave up my film career for that. I believe this to be incredibly important.

They sued 11 Big Pharma companies for these injections and are continuing their search for alternative medicine. Share your thoughts about this in the comments on Facebook.

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