Kourtney Kardashian Gives Travis Barker the Comfort and Support Needed to Start Flying Again

Everyone already knows about the incident involving Travis Barker in 2008. A private plane where the well-known artist was also present had problems with one of the wheels, which cracked.

The plane caught fire and that day 6 people who were on the plane lost their lives. One of the two people who were lucky and survived was Barker.

This was a tragic event that Barker will never forget. Although he managed to escape from the flames, his body suffered major burns. After this terrible event, he was immediately admitted to the hospital where he had to do about 27 operations to recover.

His health and psychological condition were bad. He did not want to travel by plane for a long time. According to Travis, the strongest reason he overcame this trauma is his wife. He is very happy with his wife Kourtney Kardashian. He has decided that Kourtney will be his companion on his plane trips.

Travis posted a photo on social media, saying that now Kourtney is his biggest support. After that period, Travis was too scared to travel again. But his wife tried to ease his pain and help him overcome this trauma. Everyone started to admire their love after this moment.

This means that Kourtney has a big influence on Travis’ life. He says that he is lucky that Kourtney has supported him and helped him in this aspect of his life.

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