Our Little Girl Is Now Near God, The Family Makes The Sad Update

One of the most frightening diseases is cancer. This disease is one of the biggest causes of death in many countries of the world. In this article, you will find a heart-touching but also an inspiring story. Delaney Krings was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of last year. Her parents were horrified when they found out that their 4-year-old daughter was suffering from a dangerous type of cancer, such as brain cancer.

Her parents tell more about their experience. This was not an easy moment for the family. At first, their daughter had pain in her ears, but no one understood what was the cause of this pain. The parents took the girl to the hospital and the doctors thought it was an infection that needed to be treated. They gave the girl some medicine and it seemed like her condition was improving.

But at the same time, she began to feel new symptoms, such as lack of balance. This was not at all normal and the parents sent the girl to the hospital again. The doctors had their doubts, so they decided to do the necessary tests.

After several tests, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors informed Heather and Jack that their daughter had diffuse midline glaucoma, which in medical language is also known as DMG. This was a devastating moment for the parents. The girl’s birthday was approaching and the parents wanted to make their baby happy during this difficult moment.

She would turn five years old on December 16. The parents care that their daughter has the most beautiful birthday in the world, so they decide to look for greeting cards from different parts of the world. “Our daughter has received love from all over the world, even from people she doesn’t know. We want our daughter to spend the time she has left in the best possible way.” She received about 15,000 birthday cards. Sadly Delaney passed away on January 28th.

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