Reese Witherspoon’s Photo With Daughter Ava Has Fans Super Confused

Actress Reese Witherspoon posted a photo with her daughter Ava this September 25. She wanted to celebrate the National Day of the Girl by posting pictures with her daughter Ava Phillippe. The well-known presenter surprised her fans with the photos she posted recently. They appeared very happy in front of the camera.

People are surprised by the similarity between the actor and her daughter. Thousands of people commented on how much the actor looked like her daughter Ava. People call the girls, “like twins”, and “you look like sisters”. Some other people wrote that they couldn’t tell who was the girl and who was Reese Witherspoon. Reese touched everyone with the writing she had done on the photo with her daughter.

“I feel lucky to have a wonderful daughter. I am proud of him. She is a creative and talented girl. We share tips for clothing and makeup. She is my best friend. This is so beautiful. It’s fun to have your daughter, your best friend.”

It’s surprising how many people reacted to Reese and Ava’s similarities. Many famous people have posted photos with their children, and many of them bear an uncanny resemblance to their children. But the fans of the actress were very happy when she posted a photo with Ava. Friends of the actress have also reacted. Jenna Bush Hager called them both “twins”.

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