Tim Curry’s Family Kept His Stroke From Public Eye, He Is Now 76 YO

Tim Curry is already made into a cult actor. But he is also known in the field of music. He has been on the stage for about 40 years and is an artist known and loved by the public. After several successful years in his career, Tim Curry faced health problems. 

In 2012 he suffered a stroke which caused many changes in his life. He began to follow physical treatments which helped him return to his previous state.

This was the most tragic moment of his life. But this was not the first case in his family. His dad also suffered a stroke. After that Tim and his family moved to England.

Tim Curry grew up with his grandmother. He was a talented child and participated in various artistic concerts organized by the school.

He started singing when he was a child. He graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in acting.

According to his teachers, Curry would have a great career because he was a very talented kid. He sang all his life. But the stroke deprived him of art.

Initially, this tragedy went viral in the Daily Mail. The actor and singer were going through a difficult period.

He should follow treatments that would help him speak. Although the doctors found it difficult to describe the situation, Tim was optimistic about his life.

He spent more time in the family and tried to look at things positively. According to him, this helped him win the disease. Although years have passed, Tim continues to participate in physical therapy.

During this period he has pursued his hobby. In addition to acting and singing, Curry also knows how to paint.

He has also designed his home. Curry shows that he spends a lot of time outdoors and that he likes to relax in his backyard.

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