Our Hearts Break for Jennifer Aniston As Her Beloved Father, Soap Legend John Aniston, Has Died

We all know that Jennifer Aniston made quite a name for herself. She went on a fabulous career for the last 30 years. Her father, John Aniston also was an acting legend on his own.

Jennifer shared an Instagram post about his passing. She honored her father at the Daytime Emmys Awards.

Sweet papa… John Anthony Aniston, you were the most beautiful human I ever knew.

We have no information about his cause of death.

According to the news, Jennifer Aniston’s mother did not leave anything to her daughter before she died. She was sometimes not the best mother in the world and Jennifer Aniston constantly heard criticism from her.

She judged her by telling Jennifer that she was an ugly girl with a big nose. Their relationship was not that good and this is confirmed by Jennifer who decided to talk to her mother.

The successful actress in the Friends series attracted everyone’s attention. In this period, she began to climb the ladder of success and managed to gain the attention of the media and people all over the world. Today, Friends is one of the most watched and liked series ever.

In the series, there were 6 friends who lived their story and shared it with others. The series was amazing and won many awards. But its broadcast was canceled in 2004. This cancellation disappointed many fans who were in love with the actresses and their stories.

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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston decided to become an actress and succeeded.

The role of Rachel Greene attracted attention and became one of the most favorite characters in this series. Jennifer’s mother took care of her daughter’s upbringing after the father abandoned the family. However, the actress says that she managed to build a relationship with her father. According to her, everyone makes mistakes and deserves to be forgiven.

Although she and her brother stayed with their mother, she found it difficult to have a good relationship with her. Aniston’s mother died at the age of 79. She had serious health problems and could not win this battle.

After the death of her mother, Aniston did not inherit anything because her mother had left the property to one of her relatives.

Her relationship with Nancy was very shaky and this was due to an unstable family. Her mother always told her that she has a big nose, whenever Jennifer tried to argue with her. Jennifer followed her dreams and gave her best to reach where she is today.

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