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NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel’s Son Passes Away At Six Years Old

Richard Engel shared the terrible news with his friends and followers. He has informed everyone that his 6-year-old son, even though he fought for a long time with Rett Syndrome, could not survive.

He passed away and his death saddened everyone. The syndrome from which he suffered affected part of the brain and was a genetic disorder that could not be cured. The family is very sad about the loss of their angel.

Henry’s father shared the news on Twitter, writing that his son has changed. “Henry smiled back at us with his eyes that were always sparkling. He was a very loving child.” writes his father in the post. The doctors tried hard for Henry to live. He was a very positive child who was not afraid to fight.

Henry was an inspiration to everyone because he was a very brave boy.
Texas Children’s Hospital is also included in the post. Henry was a “hero child” who overcame Rett Syndrome. He died on August 9, 2022. This syndrome was very difficult to cope with.

Rett syndrome affects the child’s body and ability to speak. The reason for this is the disorder in the brain. Henry was a loving child and his parents loved him very much. He tried hard to live. But he passed away at the age of 6.

We give him a lot of love. And he was also a child who gave a lot of love. His beautiful and smiling face cannot leave our eyes. He loved to be hugged and petted. We always compliment him. Engel said that he became the happiest man when his son called him father for the first time.

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