Harsh Remarks Including Her Huge Belly. The Worst Pregnant Belly I Have Ever

Eliana Rodriguez was surprised because she did not expect to receive so many comments about her belly during pregnancy. The 29-year-old was expecting to give birth to her second son and her belly looked very big during her pregnancy. People commented a lot about her appearance.

Some of them even asked if Eliana was pregnant with twins. She now has two beautiful and healthy children. But before giving birth, she received many comments about her appearance.

Her belly was very big in the shape of a lump. This can be caused by various reasons, although it is something very normal. The big belly can come as a result of the way of nutrition and the development of the woman’s body. Eliana has talked about her pregnancy, describing the weight and height of her children. She didn’t seem happy with the comments on Instagram.

She was sure that people often became curious. However, even though she didn’t like this situation at all, she tried to explain to everyone that her belly is big because it just is. This is not a sign to worry and make negative comments. The doctors informed her that this condition is normal due to Eliana’s height.

Eliana talks about her emotions during pregnancy. She and her husband were very happy and very much wanted to have a son. Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful but also the most difficult periods for a woman. Abdominal enlargement can also be affected by abdominal muscle damage from the previous pregnancy. Eliana is very happy that her child was born in full health.

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