Kylie Jenner Accused Of Being A ‘Full-Time Climate Criminal’ After Her Private Jet Was Found Taking Three-Minute Flights

People are talking on social media about the impact that Kylie Jenner’s plane can have on nature. According to the latest news, Kylie Jenner flies several times a month and sometimes she shared a photo on social media where she was photographed hugging Travis Scott between their private planes.

She has been accused of being a “full-time climate criminal”. The reason for this is very clear. The plane she uses makes three-minute flights. It seems that many people did not like this photo.

Even this photo has been commented on a lot on social media and people started calling Kylie “the world’s full-time climate criminal.” Many fans and critics have said that this action is not beautiful because Kylie has not thought at all about air pollution.

Although her journeys by car would not last long, she often chooses to travel by plane. The plane is a bigger air polluter and for this reason, Kylie has received a lot of criticism recently.

This has angered her fans, but not only. According to them, this trip by plane could be avoided and replaced with a car trip that could damage nature less.

Some people on Twitter have written that these planes damage the air a lot because they leave large carbon footprints.
According to them, Kylie should be more careful about nature.

Everyone knows that recently environmental pollution and global warming are global problems that seem to have major consequences. This was the reason why many people were angry with Kylie.

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