Music Legend Is Battling Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Tony Bennett has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2021 and people are begging to see him perform one more time. The well-known jazz singer has given emotions through his songs for about 70 years and has performed on stage with other well-known singers.

The 96-year-old singer has given everything to music and made many sacrifices to reach where he is today. His childhood was not easy at all. His father died when he was 10 years old and he grew up with his mother.

As a child, he worked with his mother. Later he decided to study music and art. Bennett had to support his family and worked various jobs before he was a singer. He worked as a waiter in an Italian restaurant in New York. He remembers these days and says that he was happy to sing in his free time or after work.

Music was a medicine for his fatigue. The singer recounts how many times he had dinner with his family on weekends, he sang and everyone had fun together. Then he joined the army in the Second World War and later continued his studies in singing.

He started singing for people and that made him happy. Tonny decided to have a stage name, and after many searches, he would be called “Tony Bennett”. He performed on the streets of New York. His voice was special and attracted the attention of famous singers at that time. He became very loved by people and was starting to take the most important steps as a singer in his musical career.

Today he has published 60 albums, of which 50 million copies have been sold in the world. He and his wife founded the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York. The singer had another passion and that was painting. He was talented and in love with painting.

Tony has done wonderful duets in recent years and Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga have performed with him. Everything seemed to be going very well when the singer was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He was showing symptoms of this disease and should start therapy immediately.

This disease is very serious, but the doctor said that Tony is not doing better and this is amazing.
He and Gaga can give their performance on the singer’s 95th birthday. The singer has shown that he is very happy to have known wonderful people in his life but more than anything he is happy to have known his wife.

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