Mother Notices Holes in Baby’s Nose – Then The Doctors Discover Something Troubling

This case surprised the doctors and they didn’t know what to do. One day Susan discovered that her baby’s nose had some scary little holes that were spreading. She had not seen anything like this before and thought that this should worry her.

She didn’t want to go to the doctor, but in this case, her baby could have something serious. After he went to the hospital, the doctors were surprised because they had never faced such a case before.

Susan was shocked and didn’t understand what was happening…

Susan lived with her baby and she was not married. Lately, she was trying to find someone who would accept her and love her together with her child. One day her baby was scratching his nose and was in pain. When she took a closer look at Roy’s nose, she saw something scary. Several small holes in the baby’s nose were spreading.

Roy scratched his nose and when he touched it, it hurt. She began to think about what could have caused it. Thinking about her recent activities, she realized that they hadn’t done anything special that could have caused something like this. She tried to control the baby’s nose herself, but she was afraid of damaging it even more.

Susan called the doctor and told him about her situation. The doctor told her to think about what they had done in the last few days before they came to the hospital. The only thing that came to her mind was the walk in the forest a few days ago. She thought they might have accidentally touched a plant, but she wasn’t sure.

When he went to the hospital, the baby’s nose was sore and he was crying. Everyone understood that this case was emergent and Susan immediately entered the doctor’s room. When the doctor saw the baby, he was surprised because he had never seen anything like this before.

He requested the baby’s blood tests and sent the baby’s photo to the doctors’ forum, to ask if anyone had read about something like this before.

When he saw the tests he was surprised. Another doctor said that he had seen the same situation and they should take measures immediately.

The doctor immediately called the police, but Susan was not understanding anything. The doctor left his office, and Susan went to the toilet because she didn’t feel well. Then she returned to the doctor’s office but found no one there.

At that moment she heard a noise and the door closed behind her. She started screaming and asked the doctor for an answer to this situation. She was scared and did not know what was happening.
She kicked the door with force until she threw it to the ground.

She wanted an answer. But at that moment the police arrived at the hospital and stopped Susan from moving. After the situation calmed down, the doctor approached Susan and told her that this situation was caused because everyone was afraid of the disease that the baby might have.

During the walk, the baby could have touched an infectious carnivorous plant. This was a terrible virus. The whole situation was caused by panic and the doctor told Susan to calm down. Susan and Roy were hospitalized and they were isolated for a certain time. The police started searches and found the plant that could have caused this virus. Now Susan and her baby are in better health conditions.

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