“She Saved My Life”: Iconic Actor Steps Out On Date With His Wife Of 49 Years While Using A Walking Cane

Michael Caine is one of the best Hollywood actors, and he has participated in many famous films and projects known all over the world. His long and wonderful career at the same time includes many roles of Caine that will remain in the history of cinematography and Hollywood.

Except in the movie, he is also a wonderful man in everyday life. Friends and people who know him show that he is an energetic and very positive person. One of the things that characterized the actor was his articulation and acting talent.

But after his interview in 2021, everyone has started to think that Michael Caine may leave acting. His health problems have worsened, and this has been accepted by his wife, Shakira. He suffers from a disease that affects the spine, spinal cord, and nerve fibers. He finds it difficult to sit or lie down because he feels pain in his back.

The actor thanked his wife for staying by his side during this period and helping him on his most difficult days. The couple has been together for about 50 years and has loved and respected each other from the first day. They met in 1970 and Caine says that he started to have feelings for her. Then they started to meet and later express their love to each other.

They are one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. Michael Caine has spoken about the positive impact his wife has had on his life. She has helped him to stop drinking, and to be careful with salt, sugar, etc. He had even started living a healthy life after meeting Shakira. Michael says that his wife was the greatest gift he received in his life.

He was recently photographed with his wife going to a cafe. Both are well dressed but Michael Caine was using a walking frame. When he talked about his career plans, the actor admitted that he had no offers to participate in any film. However, he is 88 years old and this could be the reason for this.

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