10 Unspoken Appearance Rules Flight Attendants Have to Follow

Flight attendants have a fun but difficult and strict job at the same time. They face rules that must always respect. These rules even include clothing, makeup, age, etc. In this article, you will find some of the rules that flight attendants must follow.

Years ago, the rules also included the body weight that flight attendants should have. In addition, they should wear short and tight dresses. Marriage was also forbidden for flight attendants. They could be excluded from work if they reach the age of 35 or gain weight.

While today these rules are less strict than before. In terms of physical features, flight attendants must be 5’2 tall, to reach the luggage racks. Although years ago they could be fired if they were 32-35 years old, today there are many women older than 35 who are wonderful flight attendants.

However, there is a minimum age rule and this age is at least 18-21. While there is no set number for the maximum age. The oldest flight attendant was 81 years old.

Flight attendants must always look beautiful and have clean faces. The reason for this is that flight attendants are the image of the company. They should not have acne, tattoos, or other marks on their face. Also, tattoos on the hand, leg, or neck can risk the job of a flight attendant.

Flight attendants must have clear vision. However, some airlines allow their flight attendants to wear glasses. They should smile and be kind and polite to the passengers. Do not forget, a beautiful smile and white and straight teeth are very important.

Hair is another important element. Hair colors should be neutral and hair should be long.
These rules prohibit also the use of mint color in nails. Nail color occupies an important place in the appearance of flight attendants and these colors should be nude or red.

Makeup is also one of the rules that every flight attendant must respect. Makeup should not be too heavy and should be natural. However, not all companies have the same rules. There are also companies looking for long eyelashes, eyeliner, etc.

Flight attendants can only wear heels at the airport. That way they will look more beautiful and longer. While on the plane, they can wear more comfortable shoes.

As for accessories, flight attendants can wear an engagement ring and put on small earrings. Also, flight attendants must keep a watch on their hands.

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