Money-Saving Expert Warns People About Using Air Fryers Instead of Ovens to Cook Food

Martin Lewis, a well-known money-saving expert, has raised concerns about the use of air fryers as a substitute for ovens. Despite their increasing popularity, Lewis argues that air fryers may not be as cost-effective as advertised.

In a recent episode of The Martin Lewis podcast, Lewis explained that ovens can sometimes be cheaper than air fryers. He highlighted that while microwaves provide consistent heat, ovens heat up to the maximum temperature and then cycle on and off to maintain it. This means that ovens don’t operate at full power throughout the cooking process.

Lewis provided a specific example to illustrate his point. If one were cooking a full roast dinner with multiple jacket potatoes, it would likely be cheaper to use the oven rather than the microwave. This is because each additional item in the microwave requires more time to cook, whereas the oven can handle them all simultaneously.

However, Lewis clarified that this doesn’t mean air fryers should be entirely dismissed. In cases where only a small amount of food needs to be cooked, like a single jacket potato, the air fryer or microwave would be more cost-effective. Yet, constantly calculating cost efficiency for every cooking scenario may not be practical.

Lewis even offered a mathematical equation to determine the cost efficiency of different cooking appliances. By considering the wattage and the duration of use, one can calculate the cost per hour of operation. However, he also acknowledged that more powerful air fryers would have higher running costs.

The Money Edit, another source, supports Lewis’s view, stating that the average running cost of an oven is 21p, while that of an air fryer is 13.6p. However, it should be noted that more powerful air fryers can have higher running costs.

In conclusion, Martin Lewis suggests that for small and simple cooking tasks, using a microwave or air fryer may be more cost-effective. However, for larger meals or cooking multiple items simultaneously, ovens tend to be a more economical choice. Lewis’s expert opinions on financial matters, such as the dangers of debit cards and the benefits of credit cards, have gained significant attention in the past.

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