Mom of 2 Moves Into First Home But Dog Starts To Act Strangely, Then She Looks Closer At The Walls

Amber Hall was excited to move into her first home, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Centennial, Colorado. She envisioned a happy life with her two kids and two dogs. However, things took an unsettling turn when her dog started behaving strangely.

While unpacking, Amber noticed her dog crouching down and walking slowly towards a specific spot. Curious, she went to investigate and was shocked to find two small holes in the wall, with snakes slithering out of them. Yes, snakes were living in the walls of her new home.

Panicked and alarmed, Amber realized that the snakes were larger than usual, possibly garter snakes, but much bigger than anyone had seen before. She couldn’t continue unpacking, fearing that there might be snakes in the boxes or hiding under them. The fear consumed her, and even going to bed became a source of anxiety, constantly checking for snakes.

Amber took action and hired a snake wrangler to remove the serpents from her house. Over the course of a week, a total of ten snakes were found and removed. The wrangler informed Amber that some of the snakes may have been living in the house for up to two years.

The experience has been terrifying for Amber, who worked hard to achieve her dream of owning a home. She has already spent nearly $1,000 to eliminate the unwanted guests, but she still feels uneasy. She believes that she won’t be at ease until the walls are torn open to reveal if any more snakes are lurking within.

Living in a snake-infested home has become a nightmare for Amber and her children. The fear and stress associated with the situation have made it difficult for them to enjoy their new home.

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