Meet Jeyźa Kaelani, a Model With a Rare Skin Condition Who Proudly Says, I Am Allowed to Be Beautiful

Jeyźa Kaelani is a very beautiful girl who has a special skin condition. Because of this situation, her skin is dry and thicker than normal. But this has not prevented Jeyza from being one of the favorite models of fashion companies.

Although it looks like a rare skin condition, it is not like that at all. Statistics show that this type of skin is common in the US.
She is a beautiful girl and she is happy with her skin and body. Her work in modeling started when she was a teenager.

She has always been proud of her skin and she always says this on social media. According to her, graduation night was one of the most important moments in her career. She should have taken the photos of the prom night, when in fact something very unpredictable happened.

There she realized that modeling was the job she wanted to do. So he decided to start a new experience in the modeling world. Initially, she tried to contact fashion and fashion companies. Finally, she managed to find the job that suited her best.

Well, it wasn’t that easy for her to deal with people’s negative comments on social media every day. Although many young people supported and complimented her for her special appearance, many others did not like her and even insulted her.
Jeyźa often felt hurt by situations created on social media. But this situation could not last any longer.

Therefore, she decided to dedicate herself only to her work and to work for her dreams. Now she has become a well-known and successful model. She shares her experience in social media on Instagram. She says she is very proud of her body. “I am allowed to be beautiful”, says Jeyza.

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