Liz Torres Wished She Could Stop Gaining Pounds – After Inspiring Journey, She Shows Off Impressive Weight Loss

Liz Torres shares with her followers the inspiring story of how she lost a few pounds. This is the actress known for the role of Miss Patty in Gilmore Girls. Liz decided to live a healthy life and protect her body from toxins. For this reason, she followed a healthy food diet.

The well-known actress tells how difficult her beginnings were. Her parents wanted her to work in a bank. Her mother and father insisted on this profession, but Liz did not want to.

Her life has not been easy, after emigrating to New York. She says that she often felt like an immigrant for many reasons. Her life began to change when she decided to follow her passion. Liz first attended performances and theater classes at school.

There she realized that acting was the right career for her. Later she continued to music school and eventually decided to focus on comedy. The actress said that a well-known comedian was her encourager to do something more in her career. Phil Foster advised Liz to present a standup because her humor was quality and very beautiful.

But Liz was surprised by this advice because her English was not developed enough at that time. After a lot of work and dedication, she managed to become a successful comedian.

In addition to her role as a comedian, she began to be known for her roles in films. The most important role for her was Miss Patty. Liz indicated that everything was going as it should, but something was not the way she wanted it to be.

She had always wanted to lose extra wight and eat healthily. Liz says that she was happy with her body but always wanted to lose weight. But after some time passed, Liz decided to lose those kilos.

That’s how it appeared on Broadway, it appeared very different and everyone was surprised. Now she looks even more beautiful and feels very good about her body.

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