McDonald’s Worker Leaves Fast-Food Fans Fuming After Explaining How The Drive-Thru Works

Today a McDonald’s worker just lifted the lid on the top secrets of the drive-thrus, from listening to everything you say, to hidden cameras. 

When you need a pick-me-up, there is nothing better than to treat yourself to a Big Mac meal. McDonald’s drive-thru is one of the many luxuries we can’t afford to live without. 

We all know what a cheeky McFlurry can do to us. Now a McDonald’s worker revealed everything about drive-thru secrets that we were unaware of. 

It turned out we didn’t know anything about that. The fear is real now.

Her TikTok account is @secretfitzz and while sitting with her makeup on in a hungover, she reveals the big secrets. 

McDonald’s is taking secret snapshots of unsuspecting mugs and not only that, they are listening to everything we say. 

The TikTok explained that people don’t know we can hear convos even when we aren’t speaking and taking your order.

The speaker also has a camera and takes a picture so we know whose order is whose. It makes my day to see mugshots of random people.

Many people felt panicked that their mugshots and secret conversations are being available to every McDonald’s employee. 

I’m never going again if this is true, said one TikToker. Another one commented: “New fear unlocked: Drive-thrus.”

Another one joked: “How can you hear everything we say when you can’t hear us screaming into the mic from 2inch away?”

What do you think about that? Do you think this is true? Do you consider it a good or a bad thing? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.

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