Airline Passenger Shouts At Check-In Woman, Her 6-Word Response Instantly Knocks Him Down To Size

We all know that in the service industry this classic phrase is a must: “The customer is always right.”

There are people who always prove this phrase wrong. They always think they are better than everyone else and want to be treated differently, like a queen or king.

These people treat customer service like peasants. A woman is working at a check-in counter for an airline and illustrates a clever way to deal with rude and terrible customers. 

She responded to a customer by showing him the place in a professional and polite way. It made everyone howl with laughter. 

The woman was at a check-in desk at LaGuardia Airport in New York and she deserves a medal for it. 

The Southwest Airlines flight was canceled because of really bad weather, and just a single agent was re-booking everyone to fly again the next time. 

An angry passenger pushed away everyone and headed to the front of the line. He slammed his ticked on the agent’s desk and said rudely, I have to be on this flight and it must be first class.

The agent replied: ‘I am sorry sir, I will be happy to help you, but I have got to help others first, and then I will be able to work something out for you.

He screamed saying: ‘Do you have any idea who I am?’

The agent smiled and got the announcement microphone and said: ‘May I have your attention, please! We have a passenger at Gate 14 who doesn’t know who he is. If anyone can help with his identity, please come to Gate 14.’

Everyone laughed out loud while the passenger said: ‘screw you!’

The woman didn’t lose her temper and while smiling said nicely:

‘I am very sorry sir, but you have to get in line for that, too.’

What a great way to teach a lesson to rude people.

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