Man Says Goodbye To His Wife As They Took Her Off Life Support, But Then She Utters 5 Words

This story touched everyone’s hearts. The man was losing the most beloved person, his wife, but at the last moment, a miracle happened that he did not expect. People want to live their whole life near the people they love.

Also, we all want the people we have in our hearts to live with us for the rest of our lives. But this is impossible. This is the story of Ryan Finley, who loved his wife very much and accompanied her in her most difficult moment.

He said that on Sunday morning, he went to wake up his wife but she did not answer. He was very scared because he did not understand the reason why she was not reacting to his questions. He called her several times but she did not answer. The man immediately called an ambulance. Ryan’s wife to the hospital.

Doctors informed the husband that his wife had suffered a cardiac arrest and she was in a coma. This situation made the man very sad, he did not understand how it happened that his wife suffered a cardiac arrest. Now his wife was fighting to live. She stayed in the hospital for two weeks in a coma.

Ryan loved Jill very much and prayed all the time while she was in a coma. Many other people also prayed for Jill. Ryan began reading his wife parts of the Bible to help her wake up.

The doctors told him that she was not getting better and that she was going to die. So Ryan chose, saddened, to take off life support and let his wife go in peace. But something unexpected happened.

Jill started talking and a nurse notified Ryan. Jill said, “Get me out of here, I want to go home.” Ryan didn’t understand what was happening.

Jill began to speak. This situation was surprising. Ryan started asking questions, and she gave accurate answers. Ryan was very happy that Jill would go home with him. It took her some time to adapt to the daily routine, after that difficult situation she had faced.

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