Patrick Hardison Received A New Face After Third-degree Burns, This Is Him Today

Patrick Hardison has gone through a difficult period after the third-degree burns he received. His face changed completely and he made a change that no one expected. He became the first man to undergo a face transplant in 2015. In 2001, he experienced a very difficult situation. Hardison has worked as a firefighter for a long time.

He also did this work voluntarily. When one day he was on duty to put out a house fire, unfortunately, his face and body were badly burned. He has spoken even more about this terrible experience.

He did not know that something like this would happen in his life. Hardison says she’s lucky to be alive. The burn was so powerful that it disfigured him and changed his appearance.

His body, face, neck, etc. were burned and he was sent to the hospital. After the analysis and health check procedures, the doctors decided that this was a third-degree burn. His eyes and lips had changed. After this period, life for Hardison became even more difficult, because he had to learn to live with his new appearance.

The firefighter has performed more than 70 operations to restore his previous appearance. But again it was very difficult for him to recover. He was also at risk of going blind because the skin could cover his eyes.

He felt a lot of pain and found it difficult to go out in public. Patrick didn’t think his face and skin would ever get better. But a miracle entered his life. He heard more about the story of a woman who had a face transplant.

He decided to do it too, and he was going to transplant the face of a 26-year-old who had died after a bicycle accident. His mother decided to donate her son’s organs.

When she met Patrick, she said that his energy reminded her of her son, which is why she allowed this transplant. After the operation, Patrick’s life began to change, because he could see and eat again like before.

Patrick thanked David’s mother from the bottom of his heart and was grateful for this great gift he had received.

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