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Man Brought His Dad To Care Facility, His 5 YO Kid Greeted Him At The Door And Asked A Question That Left Him Speechless

This event leaves everyone speechless. This is not the first time that children decide to leave their parents in a care facility. This usually happens for economic and family reasons. When parents get old, they have a lot of needs for their children.

This is the moment when they feel weak and need love and care. Some children who don’t have their parents, feel their absence and want to take care of them even if they can’t. While some others don’t want to get too tired.

This is the moment we have to show how much we love and respect our parents. A boy decided to take his father to a nursing home. But when he returned home, his 5-year-old son asked him about his grandfather. He was curious and asked his father “Where is my grandfather?”.

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Dad in care facility

When he found out that his grandfather was in the nursing home, the little boy was surprised. He said he would kill his father in the same place. At this age, children learn a lot from their parent’s actions.

This question was smart and timely. His father was surprised. The boy said that he would treat his father in the same way. This was a good lesson for the man.

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This was not a good example, because his father should have given a better message to his growing child. However, even at a young age, the 5-year-old understood that his father’s action was not correct.

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