Brothers Reunite After Many Years Split From Foster Care.

Three, 11, and Ke’lynn 8 are two brothers inseparable from each other. However, they did not have contact with each other for several years because they lived in different houses.

Since the traumatic occurrence that happened to their family, the children lived separately. The only wish they had was to meet more often or to live together forever with each other.

Just heard about their story Dr. Robert Beck had a strong desire in his heart to help the boys reunite. He thought of taking them to his house to fulfill their greatest desire and get to know them better.

The doctor did not wait long. He went and picked up the boys before the adoption procedures were completed. Finally, after the letters were ready and got the approval from the court he wanted to give the boys a surprise. 

He took them out of the house with the excuse that would lead them to take some pictures when they were in front of the court door. The decision was given. Robert would have children in custody.

Beck and his two sons could finally stay forever and grow up together. The doctor says that making them both happy was the most special thing that happened to him.

Our world needs people like Robert to help children stay together forever. Let his action serve as inspiration for other people who want to do something good in their lives.

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