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Kate Middleton’s Secret Changes To Diana’s Engagement Ring Revealed

Princess Diana won the hearts of millions of people in different parts of the world. Everyone was very sad after the death of Princess Diana. She was a strong, smart, loving, and very kind woman. In addition, she was a very stylish woman and her clothes and jewelry are today an inspiration for those who love fashion.

Those who are most affected by the death of Princess Diana, are her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. They would live without their beloved mother and this is difficult for everyone. After some time passed, the princes met the love of their lives and got married. The two princes have received only a small part of Princess Diana’s jewelry collection.

It is reported that Prince Harry took the engagement ring while William chose the Cartier watch. Both of these are very popular jewelry of the Princess. But something beautiful happened when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, the woman he loved. Prince Harry thought it would be better if he did this with their mother’s ring. So he gave his brother their mother’s ring.

After their marriage, a lot of news about the Princess’s ring came out. According to this news, Kate has changed the design of the ring. She changed the size of the diamond because the original diamond was too big. She has decided to add small platinum beads. In this way, the diamond appears smaller. But this is nothing to worry about. The ring is not damaged at all and can be restored.

This is an important piece of jewelry, so it should not lose its original history and value. So she chose a careful way to reduce the size of the diamond. This ring is one of the most unique and beautiful rings. With a little change, the ring can be returned to its original shape very easily.

This is the ring with which Princess Diana was engaged. Kate stands out for her very beautiful style of dressing, and the ring caught her eye once she has worn it. Kate wore the ring for the first time during her engagement in 2010.

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