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What This Old Man Observed On The Pavement Shocked Him

A photo of firefighters in Portugal is attracting the attention of people from different parts of the world. This photo was shared by Pedro Bas on Facebook and was quickly shared on various social media sites. Many people commented on the photo and were amazed by the work the firefighters were doing.

This profession is not easy at all and firefighters put their lives in danger many times, to save the lives of people who need help. In this photo, it is clearly shown that the firefighters work seriously. The fires in the forests of Portugal have been extinguished with difficulty this year.

The heroes, of course, are the firefighters, who fought the flames to protect the residents, animals, and forests. To put out the fires, almost 1150 people worked non-stop. Preventing the spread of fires was the main task of the heroes. In Portugal, this year the fires have negatively affected nature and people.

Although there were many injured and victims during this period, the firefighters did not stop their work. They knew that these fires were very dangerous. However, their profession is very humane and they tried to save people’s lives. The photo shared on the Internet speaks a lot about the profession of firefighters.

In the photo, you can see some firefighters who were only resting for a short time, after having fought for long hours with the fires. They were very tired because they had worked night and day without stopping.

In the photo, they had stopped to rest for 15 minutes and their clothes were blackened by dust. The temperatures were very high and they were fighting the fire for 24 hours. This photo was shared many times and many people thanked them in the comment section.

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