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Julia Roberts’ daughter Hazel Makes Her First Red Carpet Debut. She Is Growing Up Fast And Looks Just Like Her Mom

Julia Robert is a famous actress. She has won several Oscars and in recent years has starred in some of the most successful films. However, Julia is not very active on social networks. She has about 550,000 followers on her Twitter account.

But she has no Instagram or Facebook account. Most celebrities have an Instagram account and share photos with their family or holiday photos. They tell their fans how they are feeling and how they are spending their free time. Julia says that she is happy with her family. She loves her husband and her three children very much.

Julia was married for two years to singer Lyle Lovett. But she found the love of her life behind the camera. Roberts has also had relationships with actors like Benjamin Bratt and Kiefer Sutherland. She has worked with them for many years. Together they have made several films.

Although there were some connections, Julia found her true love, behind the cameras. She met her husband, Daniel, during the filming of “THE Mexican.” They spent a long time together and later married in 2002.

“I am happy with my family. I love them. We have a good time together. We do not need to share this on social media. “
Julia and Daniel became parents in 2004 when twins Hazel and Phinnaeus were born. After three years Henry, their son, was born. Julia has chosen not to share too many photos of her children keeping them away from the public. “We want to protect our children.”

Julia has shared only a few photos, in which her children do not stand out. Yet photographers have captured moments where she and her family appear. They look happy while shopping, eating dinner, going to school, and so on.

But one thing has been noticed by all of them. Julia Roberts is very similar to her daughter, Hazel. Everyone is amazed at their similarity.

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