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Jon Provost AKA Little Timmy From ‘Lassie’ Celebrates His 71st Birthday And He’s ging Like A Fine Wine

Everyone remembers little Jon Provost and his four-legged friend. They gave wonderful shows for a long time on television. The relationship between two well-known friends lasted for many years. These shows ran from 1954 to 1973.

Lassie is known as the oldest dog on television. Jon played the role of Timmy Martin and was discovered by Hollywood when he was 3 years old. Jon became part of the show a few years later when his family adopted the dog, Lassie.

Today the actor turns 72 and his friends wished him a happy birthday. The actor was born in Los Angelos, even though his parents were not originally from Los Angelos.

Jon started this journey with an audition in the film where the famous actress Jane Wyman also played. His mother liked the actress very much and had told Jon to ask her for an autograph. He later got a role in the movie starring Grace Kelly and Bong Crosby.

No one thought that the little boy would become an excellent actor and start his career at such a young age. The actor says that he may have participated in about 12 films before starting the project with his four-legged friend Lassie.

He revealed that he had created a strong bond with the last dog who played the role of Lassie. This show lasted for 7 years and has approximately 249 episodes.

Jon tells more about his relationship with the last being. They stayed together for about 5 years and Jon created a strong spiritual bond with the dog. However, Jon left Hollywood at the age of 14 and thinks this is a good decision.

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